About Us

The ACI New England Chapter is a non-profit, educational organization whose purpose is the advancement of concrete technology through education. Our Board of Directors and members represent all aspects of the construction industry - concrete producers, engineers, contractors, testing laboratories, local and state government agencies, material suppliers, educators, specifiers and designers all coming together to raise the bar for concrete construction.

Local contacts. Local practices. Local answers. As an ACI New England Chapter member you will have the opportunity to network with local concrete industry professionals and stay on the cutting edge of new and innovative concrete construction practices. The ACI New England Chapter works continuously to disseminate knowledge that will improve the concrete in our local construction projects. The Chapter hosts technical lunch/dinner meetings providing high quality speakers that present timely topics for our local markets. Often you will recognize these speakers from World of Concrete or as Members of ACI National committees – individuals who are who are writing the specifications you use every day.

Education isn’t always best in the “classroom”, sometimes you must see it! That is why the Chapter periodically offers Demonstration Projects or site tours. We provide an opportunity for you to see hands on demonstrations and innovative concrete technologies in practice.

The ACI New England Chapter works closely with ACI’s Local Sponsoring Groups (LSG’s) to direct you to the appropriate ACI certification program for your geographic area.  The Chapter can also direct you to training courses to provide individuals with a more thorough understanding of testing procedures.

The Chapter also sponsors submittals to ACI’s “Excellence In Concrete Awards Program” which recognizes local construction projects specifically for their innovative or excellent use of structural or architectural concrete.

Through your membership you will also be helping to support the ACI Student Chapters throughout New England.  The ACI New England Chapter helps support these student members in many ways including funding for participation in student competitions at ACI conventions; materials for projects; and providing guest lecturers for university classes.